Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Beginning of the Return

Let me add up the elements for you. I am married with three children, work a full time job, I am back in college for a third time (Masters Degree this time!) and have virtually no time or money for wargaming. There is no way I could rebuild my 40k armies (Oh I guess when I said my Mordheim stuff went missing I did not elaborate and say that ALL of my gaming stuff was gone), Battletech was no longer what I remembered and D&D 4th edition simply didn't work for me. Mordheim seemed a natural start. Smaller warbands meant less expenditure and from the online stores I found, bits were available for conversions. My online searches excited me and I wanted to get started RIGHT NOW! Unfortunately, money would not allow that to happen. Putting together my list of options I decided that I could try my hand at some scenery. If I could get some buildings together I would keep my interest high, not get discouraged and be making progress on my gaming desires. I went to a local craft store and bought some graph paper (for planning), some poster board (for the buildings), white glue, glue sticks and I was ready. The pis is an example of the first series of buildings I made. Graph paper design over a poster board building, supported by Popsicle sticks and lotsa glue. They looked great! Ummmm until the first base coat of paint hit them. I won't describe or show you the blob of goo that they became when I started the painting. Back to the Internet.

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