Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Welcomed Return

Greetings to all! A long and arduous road has led me to this point. Way back in 1999 I purchased my first copy of Mordheim. I was enthralled by the skaven minis and the buildings were simply the most incredible boxed scenery I had ever seen. Within a month a bought a second set just to add more buildings to my table (it never occurred to me back then I could make them...). I simply loved this game. I spent every spare minute working on warbands( I had them all and as Town Cryer introduced more I had to have them too!), mounting the buildings on bases, playing as many games as I could, and in general just living for Mordheim. Well, as it will happen, life caught up with me. I returned to college, got married, had my 3 children and a respectable job. Now where did all of my Mordheim stuff go? Most of it simply disappeared over the years, I had a handful of minis left but the vast majority of my scenery, minis, rulebooks, town cryers were simply gone. I lamented for a good long time. After 3 long distance moves and a merging of two households I am sure they got tossed away. I came out of my lament determined to rebuild what I had. Of course after running an online search I found that this was not gonna be as easy as I had hoped. Almost all of my personal sources were out of buisiness or no longer played. This was gonna be harder than I had thought.......

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