Sunday, November 1, 2009

From Failure to Insight

I actually got quite good at the graph paper/poster board buildings and in a weekend I cranked out 14 buildings of various heights, dimensions and level of damage. I had only a handful of zombie minis to gauge size and I was working from memory and a few Internet pics for inspiration. I had very little experience with scenery (except for folding up cardstock that came in the many boxed sets of GW stuff I bought), so I happily chugged along making buildings and feeling very confident I would be gaming soon (never mind I had no group yet). I happily took my most prized building (4 stories, 3 gangplanks and losta walls) out to the back steps to be primed. What a glorious sunny dry day it was. I had painted alot of minis and I knew this was one of those rare perfect paint days. I brought my favorite primer paint can up to the building and gently gave it a light spray. Of course all of you out there know what is coming don't you? The building literally melted away. The cardstock warped horribly and the graph paper peeled away like a banana peel. I stopped priming and watched my favorite building turn to a pile of rubble and not even a pile I could use! I lamented yet again. Back to the Internet for a bit more research. Man, I wished I had found these guys before I started making all those card buildings.
Tom's Boring Mordheim Blog and Mordheim in Montana. I skulked about on these sites and learned more than I knew existed. I also found that I was not the only Mordheim fanatic out there!

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