Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Timeframe

I would like to say that these first few posts are looking back at about 5 months time. I lurked about on Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum and Blog (which are by far not boring at all) and Mordheim in Montana (can this guy make terrain or what?) for a few months, learning tricks, reading posts and gathering ideas and inspiration. My first purchase was a box of empire militia. This gave me the start of my Reiklanders. Bit by bit and box by box my warbands started to come together. My Reiklanders are a combination of Militia, Empire handgunners/crossbowmen and Empire Spearmen. I added a Skaven night runner box with a rat ogre and my skaven warband was born. I look at the box sets to see how much of a warband I can make with one purchase. Next up was my Dwarven Treasure Hunters. I found one the old dwarf regiments box on clearance and viola they were born. After putting together several warbands and combing the forum for ideas I started on buildings again. This time it was with foam core. I was initially detracted by how difficult(read different) working with foamcore was. Remeber I knew nothing about scenery construction, but I was armed with alot of knowledge from the blog and forum so my attempts were not in vain! I made a few buildings and got comfortable with working with foamcore. I then began to crave the old standby buildings from the box set. Check out Tom' Boring Mordheim Forum under the heading of cardstock buildings and you can find much information that I was very pleased with!

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  1. Great blog :) I am 40 and start with warhammer / mortheim half a year ago after ... lets say 20 years of non-warhammer / whfb / rpg

    Regards from Germany,